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The ORIGINAL Curling Game Tables

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If practice makes perfect then you are going to want a Curling Game Table at home (or at work). You've likely seen these game tables in the O16 PATCH and you may have even played in one of Curling Canada's big prize tournaments. Well, here is your chance to hone your skills with your own game!

There are a handful of different tables to choose from. Pictured here is The Original which comes in either an eight or ten-foot table. Their stylish look will complement any game room, workplace or curling club lounge. The Original is available in white with red graphics or white with black/grey graphics. Tops can be customised with your family name/crest, company/club logo, or pretty much any graphic! 

Prices start at $1599.00. Shipping is easier than you think and in most cases, we'll deliver and set up your new table. To learn more or to speak directly with the Cool Shots Team, give Howie a ring at 204-281-1173 or 1-866-204-2326.

The ORIGINAL Curling Game Tables
  • $1,599.99